Bodean Brans has worked for a flooring company in the Netherlands between 2015 en 2020. Shortly after, he saw a video of epoxy design flooring on TikTok and wanted to learn this new trade. Due to the pandemic he didn’t investigate any further until the summer of 2022, when he asked his colleague Jarreau Langermans (the office guy) to send an e-mail to an epoxy design company in the United States to ask if they give training in design flooring in Europe.

The dukes of resin

The dukes of resin

The answer followed quickly and it was a no.

A few months passed by when Bodean saw an advertisement via Instagram that there was a company in the Netherlands who would give the first epoxy design training in the Netherlands. Right after the training Bodean did his first floor mid-December. The results were very poor and the quest for a premium product that could deliver a durable and high gloss finish commenced.

Several suppliers in the Netherlands stated that what we were looking for didn’t exist in the market. A few months went by again and we tested different products from different suppliers in the Netherlands. Until we bumped into Polishing Systems in mid-March, which recently had launched the  protective coating which was durable and can be realised in a high gloss finish.

Bodean flew straight to Manchester to test the product and fell in love with the premium quality of the RockHard epoxy in a heartbeat. Finally we found the product that we were looking for and felt the confidence to start conquering the European and hopefully subsequently also the market in Southwest-Asia.